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For kids 14 to 18 years

About the class

A rigorous mathematical journey tailored for students aged 14 to 18, focusing on advanced concepts such as calculus, linear algebra, and mathematical modeling, as well as SAT/ACT tests preparation. This program integrates college preparatory instruction, emphasizing theoretical understanding and practical applications. Advanced coursework to equip yourself with the mathematical fluency required for higher education and future academic endeavors. 

Research-Based Projects icon
Research-Based Projects

Exploring cutting-edge mathematical applications.

Mentorship Program icon
Mentorship Program

With experienced mathematicians.

College Preparation icon
College Preparation

For SAT/ACT and Higher education

Professional Development icon
Professional Development

In mathematical communication for academic settings.

Student standing at the blackboard in math class
A week at WorkCastle

1-3 hours per week

Depending on their needs

Classroom experience

For easy transition from school

Higher Education Prep

Includes studies for college and AP exams

Weekly Assessments

Lets us know where students need help

Tailored approach to each student

Based on your child's assessment, we are able to determine their strengths and weaknesses in Math and develop them. High school Math education often covers a range of topics that build on the foundation for more advanced studies. Some students may struggle with the more advanced topics in calculus whereas others have a solid understanding of algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities. Our personalized learning plans focus on strengthening all areas of math study and practice.

Step 1:

Schedule an assessment to evaluate student's level and build a curriculum

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Free Assessment
Step 2:

Start learning and get progress reports with monthly milstones

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Monthly plan

Class details


14-18 years old


30-45 minutes

  • Calculus Foundations: In-depth study of limits, derivatives, and integrals.

  • Linear Algebra Exploration: Advanced concepts in vector spaces, matrices, and linear transformations.

  • Mathematical Modeling Projects: Application of mathematical theories to real-world problem-solving.

  • College Prep Instruction: Guidance on college-level mathematical coursework, entrance exam preparation, and career pathways in mathematics.

Schedule Assessment

Submit a form to receive a call-back and schedule assessment

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