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February 3

Valentines adventure for families

Immerse yourself in an exciting family art activity!

May 27 - Aug 19

Summer Camp

What are your plans for the summer?
Let's create an unforgettable memories together!

Any date

School Holiday Camp

Welcome to School Holiday Camp! It will be an unforgettable adventure filled with fun, learning and new friendships!

February 14

Parents’ night out

Join our Parents' night out" at WorkCastle for a carefree evening with friends, while kids enjoy festive magic!

March 11-15

Spring Camp

Discover new skills, play, and make friends. It's a spring of laughter and learning. Come blossom with us!

March 23

Family Easter Artistry Class

Let's create wonderful memories as a family!

14_We want parents___ 1.png
We want parents to thrive, while their kids beam with joy!


That's why we give a discount on all co-working services if you come to us with a child. Promocode:
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