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Our Philosophy 

Our core principle

We understand that every child has different ways of learning to achieve their highest potential. To support this, we have developed an innovative ecosystem of personal development called PEAK, grounded in Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Supported by our state-of-the-art facility with six distinct learning and collaboration zones, our approach is designed to recognize and nurture each child's natural talents.

Uncovering PEAK

Our ecosystem is encapsulated in the PEAK framework, which stands for:


By integrating these pillars, PEAK offers a balanced and enriching educational experience, empowering every child to reach their full potential

Our mission

At WorkCastle, we warmly embrace your dual journey of career and parenthood, offering a nurturing haven for both under one roof.

We're committed to create safe, caring space for kids and a supportive workspace for parents, fostering balance with heartfelt support.

Parental Roots
Parental Roots

Born from the hearts of two parents, we created this space with a deep understanding of the delicate dance between career aspirations and family commitments. We've lived the challenge of balancing work with precious family moments, experiencing firsthand the guilt and pressure that comes with trying to do it all.

Collective Solution

Our own search for a flexible, nurturing environment for our families proved fruitless, highlighting the need for a solution that could adapt to unpredictable schedules and enrich our children’s learning beyond traditional methods. Fueled by our experiences, we envisioned a place that would ease the burdens of time, energy, and financial constraints for parents like us.

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