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For kids 10 to 13 years

About the class

Get ready for a ride into the fascinating world of chemistry! Our program is designed to instill a fundamental understanding of the subject. With exciting experiments, hands-on activities, and interactive lessons that turn each class into a thrilling chemistry adventure. Our instructors specialize in making chemistry accessible and enjoyable, ensuring that the curriculum caters to diverse learning styles. Join us in creating a environment where chemistry becomes an exciting exploration for young minds.

Introduction to Basic Principles icon
Introduction to Basic Principles

Provides a solid entry into the world of chemistry

Hands-on activities icon
Hands-on activities

Develop skills and confidence in chemical processes

Fun Lab Experiments icon
Fun Lab Experiments

Help students retain information taught in class

Inquiry Based Learning icon
Inquiry Based Learning

Students will pose questions, design experiments, and draw conclusions

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A week at WorkCastle

1-3 hours per week

Depending on their needs

Classroom experience

For easy transition from school

Homework Support

Helps them stay on track for school

Weekly assessments

Lets us know where students need help

Tailored approach to each student

Based on your child's assessment, we are able to determine their knowledge of Chemistry and develop them. Middle school chemistry education is often an introduction to the topics that lay the foundation for more advanced studies in the future. Our personalized learning plans focus on the areas where the student is weak while nurturing their strengths.

Step 1:

Schedule an assessment to evaluate student's level and build a curriculum

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Free Assessment
Step 2:

Start learning and get progress reports with monthly milstones

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Monthly plan

Class details


10-13 years old

1-3 hours per week


30-45 minutes

  • Introduction to Basics: An overview of the class structure, safety guidelines, expectations and foundational chemistry concepts.

  • Hands on Exploration: Introducing key principles and terminology. Aid comprehension through interactive activities like group discussions and simple experiments.

  • Advanced applications: Advance into a detailed exploration of chemistry theories and their practical applications. Foster problem-solving skills with case studies, collaborative projects, and analytical discussions.

  • Assessment and Progress: Conduct regular assessments to evaluate comprehension and monitor individual progress. Offer constructive feedback to guide students in refining their understanding and application of chemistry concepts.

Schedule Assessment

Submit a form to receive a call-back and schedule assessment

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