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For kids 7 to 14 years

About the class

Chess isn't just a game; it's a journey that enhances cognitive skills, strategic thinking, and problem-solving abilities in a fun and interactive way. We've tailored our chess classes so that your child can make strategic moves on the Board and in Life! Don't miss out on this opportunity to introduce your young ones to the wonderful world of chess. WorkCastle Chess Classes – Where Checkmates and Learning Happen!

Expert Instructors icon
Expert Instructors

Instill Passion and excitement for the game!

All Skill Levels icon
All Skill

From beginner to full fledged chess lover, we cater to all.

Fun Challenges icon

Encourage friendly competition and makes learning enjoyable.

Engaging Environment icon
Engaging Environment

Promotes a supportive and interactive learning atmosphere.

Tailored approach to each student

We present a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to embark on your educational journey with us!

Step 1:

Schedule an assessment to evaluate student's level and build a curriculum

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Free Assessment
Step 2:

Start learning and get progress reports with monthly milstones

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Monthly plan

Class details


7-14 years old


30-45 minutes

1-3 hours per week

  • Introduction: Overview of chessboard setup and piece movements.

  • Learning Chess tactics: Understanding key strategies, openings, and tactical maneuvers.

  • Interactive Game sessions: Engaging in practical gameplay to apply learned concepts.

  • Mini Tournaments: Culmination with friendly tournaments to enhance skills and foster a sense of achievement.

Schedule Assessment

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Girl plays chess at Workcastle
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