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LEGO for kids classes

About the class

Our LEGO brick building sessions offer children, aged 5 years and up, not only a unique experience in creating models but also develop a multitude of skills and abilities, making learning engaging and captivating. Allow them to immerse themselves in this exciting world and unlock their potential!

Math Skills icon

Children can explore mathematical concepts such as geometry and numbers through LEGO work.

Fine Motor Skills and Coordination icon
Fine Motor Skills and Coordination

Children improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through assembling and constructing.

Attention to Detail icon
to Detail

LEGO instills the importance of paying attention to details and developing observation skills.

Imagination and Art icon
and Art

Children can use LEGO to create their own stories, worlds, and art, fostering their imagination and artistic skills.

Price is $25 per lesson with a blue background icon
Unlock Your Learning Adventure for Just $25!

We present a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to embark on your educational journey with us for just $25, as your introductory class fee.

Class details


5-13 years old

1-3 hours per week


30-45 minutes

  • Review safety rules 

  • Introducing lesson topic and goals 

  • Practice building  

  • Lego play

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