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For kids 14 to 18 years

About the class

Embark on an exciting journey into the realm of physics designed to captivate young minds. Through interactive experiments, collaborative learning and exploration, we aim to ignite a passion for scientific inquiry and critical thinking. Join us in this immersive experience where learning is a thrilling adventure for middle schoolers.

Introduction to Basic Principles

Equips students for contemporary physics challenges

Collaborative Environment

Creates a supportive community of young physicians

Cross-Disciplinary Connections

Helps for better understanding of Math Chemistry and biology

Advanced Research

Encourages students to apply their learning outside of class

A week at WorkCastle

1-3 hours per week

Depending on their needs

Classroom experience

For easy transition from school

Homework Support

Helps them stay on track for school

Team projects

Encourage Cooperative learning and bond building

Tailored approach to each student

Based on your child's assessment, we are able to determine their knowledge of Physics and develop them. High school physics education often covers a range of topics that build on the foundation for more advanced studies in higher education. Our personalized learning plans focus on building up the areas where the student is weak while nurturing their strengths.

Step 1:

Schedule an assessment to evaluate student's level and build a curriculum

Trial Class
Step 2:

Start learning and get progress reports with monthly milstones

Monthly plan

Class details


14-18 years old


30-45 minutes

  • Introduction: Welcome to advanced physics, overview of the course, and interactive icebreakers.

  • Foundations: Core physics principles, mathematical concepts, and introductory laboratory experiments.

  • Advanced Topics: In-depth exploration of classical mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and modern physics.

  • Practical Applications: Real-world applications, engineering projects, and collaborative problem-solving.

  • Assessments and Progression: Regular assessments, projects, and discussions to evaluate understanding and foster continuous improvement.

  • Final Projects and Presentations: Culminating projects and student presentations showcasing application of learned concepts.

Schedule Assessment

Submit a form to receive a call-back and schedule assessment

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