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The DIT Party Package - Do-It-Together

Let's Do it Together! Build a fun experience for all!


2 Hours
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Up to 20 kids
3_birthday cake.png
B-day cake on us
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Fun themes to choose from
2 menu options
6_Party host.png
Party host to assist you

Embark on the journey!

Two hours of exclusive access to WorkCastle childcare facility and reception area.


This package accommodates up to 12 children. For each additional child, there is a charge of $15, with a maximum limit of 20 kids. Adults have free admission.


Our party host will assist you with setting up 30 minutes prior to the event. We provide all the decorations and utensils based on your chosen theme, if you have any other party decor we will set it up for you

Food Menu:

  • Pizza (two large pizzas of your choice).

  • Fresh Fruit Platter (a refreshing, colorful mix of strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, blueberries and grapes).

  • The package includes small bottled water.

  • “Happy Birthday” Cake with Balloons and Cool Colors (VG): 1/4 Sheet. Serves 20

Choose from our adorable and exciting themes:

Barbie party
Unicorn party
Pirate party
Cowboy party
Princess party
Video game party
Dinosaur party
Hero party
Cars party
Mermaid party
Train party
Lego party

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