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For kids 10 to 13 years

About the class

Elevate your child's mathematical prowess with our specialized Math Class featuring an in-depth exploration of advanced mathematical concepts. Our curriculum delves into abstract algebraic structures, geometric reasoning, and problem-solving. Our program cultivates critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and a deeper understanding of mathematical principles. Enroll at WorkCastle to provide your child with the math skills necessary for academic excellence, preparing them for future challenges!

Interactive Workshops

Foster collaboration and enhance problem-solving skills.

Mathematical Modeling Projects

Apply Math principles to real-world scenarios.

Guest Lectures by Experts

Showcase real-world applications of Math theories.

Digital Tools Integration

Enhances Learning Experience

A week at WorkCastle

1-3 hours per week

Depending on their needs

Classroom experience

For easy transition from school

Daily Math Problems

To encourage practice and retain formulas.


Friendly competition encourages learning

Tailored approach to each student

Our assessment identifies your child's math abilities, pinpointing areas for improvement and strength. We tailor learning to individual needs, reinforcing weak points while enhancing strong skills, preparing them for advanced math concepts.

Step 1:

Schedule an assessment to evaluate student's level and build a curriculum

Trial Class
Step 2:

Start learning and get progress reports with monthly milstones

Monthly plan

Class details


10-13 years old


30-45 minutes

  • Comprehensive exploration of abstract algebra, equations, and variables.

  • Advanced study of geometric theorems, angles, and spatial relationships.

  • Rigorous exercises focusing on mathematical problem-solving methodologies.

  • Practical application of advanced concepts in real-world mathematical challenges.

Schedule Assessment

Submit a form to receive a call-back and schedule assessment

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