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Sensory Integration

About the class

This immersive experience is crafted to engage young minds in a world of sensory exploration. They will partake in activities designed to stimulate their senses, foster cognitive development, motor skills, and emotional regulation. Through play, movement, and discovery, children can build a foundation for holistic well-being.

Explore Sensory Adventures icon
Explore Sensory Adventures

Engage in exciting activities that stimulate the senses.

Expert-Led Development icon
Expert-Led Development

Guided growth by experienced instructors.

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Boost Social

Activities that encourage interaction, collaboration, and communication.

Tailored Growth Activities icon
Tailored Growth Activities

Personalized and carefully designed activities that cater to each child's specific needs.

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Class details


18 months - 5 years


30-45 minutes

  • Encourage sensory exploration using various textures and materials.

  • Structured activities promoting fine and gross motor skills.

  • Group activities fostering social interaction and collaboration.

  • Sensory play designed to enhance children's awareness of touch sensations and their own body movements through engaging activities.

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