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Updated: Jun 25

Choosing the right childcare for your child is a significant decision that can impact their early development and your peace of mind. To ensure you select a facility that meets your child's needs and your expectations, here are four crucial questions to ask during your search.

1. Is the center licensed?

Checking if a daycare center is licensed is an important step in verifying its credibility. WorkCastle is proud to be a DFPS - Texas Child Care Licensing (CCL) preschool, meeting all state requirements and standards for high-quality childcare. A licensed center adheres to strict regulations, providing you with confidence in the safety and quality of care your child will receive.

2. What safety measures are implemented?

Safety is the top priority when selecting a daycare center. At WorkCastle, we take security seriously. Our facility is equipped with emergency alarms, internal video surveillance, and fingerprint-coded door locks to ensure your child's safety. All staff members undergo comprehensive background checks to create a secure environment. Additionally, we use the Brightwheel app for streamlined check-ins and check-outs, conduct regular health screenings, and our team is fully CPR-trained.

3. What does the curriculum look like?

It's crucial to ask about the daycare's curriculum to ensure it supports your child's overall development. At WorkCastle, our curriculum is crafted to meet the unique needs of each child. We focus on nurturing cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills through engaging activities and lessons. Our methods include hands-on learning, project-based activities, and group interactions, ensuring your child is active, involved, and enjoying their time with us.

4. What is the staff-to-child ratio?

The staff-to-child ratio is a crucial factor in determining the quality of care your child will receive. A lower ratio means more personalized attention and better supervision. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the recommended ratio is one caregiver for every three to four infants and one for every four to six toddlers. At WorkCastle, we maintain a ratio of one teacher for every five children, ensuring that each child receives the individualized care and interaction they need for healthy development.

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