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Chess club

A transformative journey to empower your child with strategic moves on the chessboard and in life!

Our expert instructor instills passion and excitement for the game. The curriculum is tailored to all skill levels, from beginners to full-fledged chess lovers; we cater to everyone.

Happy young boy playing chess

Math club

Develop your child's potential, enroll them in our math club! We offer not only advanced arithmetic, but also focus on algebra and geometry, expanding your child's knowledge and skills in these areas. Our programs also include college preparation, providing a comprehensive education that develops not only math skills, but also logical thinking. Let your child thrive in the world of math!

Elementary School
Happy boy

Our math classes designed for ages 5 to 10, blend fun and learning through interactive games that enhance comprehension and cultivate a positive disposition towards mathematics.

Middle School
Happy boy

Elevate your child's math proficiency and prepare them for academic excellence with our specialized program.

High school
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A rigorous math journey delving into advanced concepts that prepares your child for higher education, as well as for SAT/ACT tests.

Physics club

Join us in unlocking the wonders of the physical world and fostering scientific curiosity at every age and educational level!

Middle School
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An exploration of physics tailored for middle schoolers, delving into fundamental principles and building a basic foundation on physics concepts.

High School
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An advanced curriculum that promotes a deep understanding of the principles that govern the physical world and prepares you for higher education as well as the SAT and AP tests.


An educational and innovative course that seamlessly integrates technology and entertainment to develop strong computational skills would focus on immersive, interactive learning experiences.

Young girl builds a robot


A Dive into the complexities of chemistry and creating a lifelong passion for science!

Middle School
Happy boy

An introduction to Chemistry that instills the basic knowledge, concepts and vocabulary in your child.

High School
Happy boy

An advanced Chemistry course that prepares your child for higher education and a lifetime of chemical exploration, as well as for SAT and AP tests.

Programming and AI generation

Welcome to the future where we teach students how to code and use new technology to advance their study and knowledge of the world, empowering them to become the architects of tomorrow's innovations and solutions.

Little classmates discussing lesson doin

Study Buddy

Study Buddy is an educational program designed for children between the ages of 7 and 16 to support them in their studies. Our team specializes in a variety of subjects to make learning fun and effective for students. In our classes we offer:

  • Learning math with interesting challenges and games, to develop math skills

  • An emphasis on English to help improve reading, writing and communication skills

  • Immersion in the world of science with interactive experiments and nature exploration

  • Exposure to different languages through the Language Quest program to broaden your horizons and language skills

Teacher helps a young girl with her homework
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